Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Husband or Bad Husband

Husbands, do you embody more of the "Good Husband" or "Bad Husband" traits below?  If you don't like the balance, make a change!

Characteristics of a Good Husband

Listens to his wife's words and to her heart

Puts her needs and desires above his own

In an argument, seeks resolution and reconnection

Prays for, and with, his wife and family

Builds his wife up, both in person and to others

Knows when to "fix it", and when to just listen

Saves his affections and sexual attention for his wife

Characteristics of a Bad Husband

Listens half-heartedly to his wife; would rather watch the game.

Is concerned with what's he's "due" rather than what he can "do" for her

In an argument, seeks victory and justification

Prayer?  That's private.

Criticizes his wife for everything; jokes about her with his buds

Tries to fix things before listening, or tells his wife to "get over it"

"I'm married, not dead."

It can be easy to fall into some of the "bad husband" traps.  Be aware of what they are, and make a conscious effort to change.  Be a REAL man, and be the GOOD HUSBAND your wife needs you to be!

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