Monday, November 25, 2013

Yellful Thanksgiving?

Whether the guests are coming soon, or you are the guests, Thanksgiving and the holidays in general can be a bit unnerving.  When there is so much to do and so many different personalities to navigate, the stress can mount.  Rushing to get the Turkey thawed and stuffed, carpets vacuumed, guest towels up, and kids bathed and dressed can add up to a recipe for emotional explosion.  Also frazzling can be trying to get everyone packed up and out-the-door for a visit of any length to anywhere!

The trick to making the celebrations happy rather than snappy is to recognize that even if the tensions are running high, you have a CHOICE as to how you will respond.  You can yell, complain, and bark orders at the family, hoping for compliance, or you can be calm, speak gently, and convey warmth to your loved ones.  No matter how you FEEL, you can choose how you will respond, and when you speak and act in loving and measured tones, you may just find that you feel better AND get a better response from others...a win-win!

Happy Thanksgiving!