Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 Simple Steps to Change

Do you ever feel like there are so many things that you are trying to accomplish in life that it cannot possibly all be done?  You are not alone.  For years, people spin their wheels trying to accomplish multiple goals and to make multiple changes.  For example, we want to be thinner, richer, more spiritual, a better parent, a better spouse, but time passes, and the next thing you know, the more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

If this is you, don't lose heart!

The key to true change is found in the following five simple steps:

  • Give it to the Lord-  Trying to do it all in your own strength is tiring!

  • Decide on the Smallest Change that You Can Make That Will Make the Most Impact-
For instance, if you want to lose weight and be more financially stable, perhaps the biggest impact can come from the simple change of stopping eating out, or the simple change of learning to do meal planning, or the simple change of learning to cook some frugal and healthy meals at home.  Whatever you decide, remember KISS--Keep It Simple Special-One.

  • Decide on a Specific Goal, and Write It Down.-  Do you want to end up with $500.00 in savings by the end of the year?  Do you want to lose ten pounds by Thanksgiving?   Decide on when you will check to see if you made your goal.  Then, write it down.  Goals are more likely to be met when they are in writing; it focuses your attention and reinforces your focus.

  •  Do the Next Right Thing- We are each human, so it is likely that there will be glitches along the way to your goal.  Re-evaluate, tweak your plan if needed, but do not give up.  Simply do the next right thing, and make the next right choice.

  • Keep Moving Forward- As you attain your first goal, keep up your momentum.  Celebrate your success, and decide on where you would like to go from there.  It is not impossible to make big changes with simple and easy steps.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Have you ever felt that you are so right and your spouse is just SO wrong...only to find out later that your spouse actually was right and you were wrong?  I have.  It's an experience that few of us probably enjoy.  Fortunately, there is grace. 

Grace covers our mistakes.  Grace covers our flaws.  When we goof, we should be grateful for grace.
Yet, we can do well to extend grace to others.  Grace to our spouse and kids.  Grace to our co-workers.  Grace to our neighbors.

They just may be grateful, too.  And, it frees us from accidentally putting our own pride on display.