Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Purple-Clay Marriage

By Michelle Croyle Once upon a time, there was a red ball of clay, and it desperately wished for a ball of blue clay that she could call her very own. A ball of blue clay rolled around, waiting for the day when he, too, would meet his mate. Eventually, the red clay ball rolled out into the big world and bumped into the blue clay ball. They rolled along together for a while, and they enjoyed each other's company. The blue clay thought the red clay was super cute, and the red clay thought the blue clay was quite a hunk. One day, the two decided to get married. So, they rolled around together until the red of the one ball of clay and the blue of the other ball of clay became one bigger, better ball of clay, and they were no longer red and blue, they had become purple. Even if the the clay that was once red decided to go off for a weekend with the red balls of clay she used to hand around with, and even if the formerly blue clay went out to watch a football game with the blue clay pals he used to know, the two individual balls of clay were never red or blue as they had been, as they had now become purple. Purple meant that wherever one went, the other went too, not necessarily always to things like the grocery store or the PTA meeting or the boardroom or the mechanic, but in the big ball of life, red and blue would never be just red and blue, they had become something better, something more powerful, and something that would always be purple. So, if you are purple, be purple, and be proud to be purple. Don't destroy your beautiful purple color by trying to be red again. Don't destroy your strong purpleness trying to be blue again. Embrace purple. Purple will go the distance, together as one. P.S. Contact us if your purple needs some help getting stronger.