Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Are You a Good or a Bad Wife?

Check out the lists below to find out if you embody mostly "Good Wife" characteristics or mostly "Bad Wife" characteristics. The cool thing is that you can change your behaviors any time, so stop doing the bad and start practicing good wifely traits :):

Good Wifely Characteristics                        

Uses Respectful Words and Attitudes                   

Calmly discusses                                      

Builds up/Praises her husband to others

Sexually Willing

Thinks more of her husbands needs than her own

Accepts responsibility for her own failings     

 Remembers what her husband does right                               

Bad Wifely Characteristics

Uses Critical Words and Attitudes

Yells and Rages

Bad-mouths her husband to others                      

Sexually Avoidant

Thinks more of ways her husband is failing her

Blames everything on her husband

Reminds herself, her husband, and everyone else what her husband does wrong

Which one will you be? A Good Wife? or A Bad Wife? You can choose today; be good to your man!

1 comment:

  1. Sexually willing. That's alot to ask for when partners are extremely different. I in fact hate what my husband thinks of sex especially about his crass opions and freaky adventure in sex. I can remind him that til blue in face and it won't matter. It's the one thing that drove us apart and Im not sorry about it.