Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Counterfeit Sex

Is sex a sin? Absolutely not, when kept in marriage of course. The problem arises when temptations for lust and desire are for those you aren't married to. Sex before or outside of marriage is a counterfeit, porn is a counterfeit, living together without being married is a counterfeit. Only in marriage can sex unite two as one, in the bond of unity created for and by God. A sexless marriage is also sin. Unity in marriage tears down walls, builds intimacy, and exposes one's soul to their spouse and keeps the bond growing richer and deeper throughout a lifetime. Don't mistake a physical connection alone as intimacy or as desireable. The real deal of ultimate union, intimacy, and love is marriage between a husband and wife. Anything else is a deception that will ultimately lead to destruction of something whether that be unity, respect, love, commitment, trust, or true intimacy. Eliminate the counterfeit and find authentic connection in body, soul, mind, and spirit in marriage.

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