Monday, January 14, 2013

Married with Children?

The following was written by a God-loving woman I know, and I asked permission to post it.  She was pleased to let me share it in the hopes it would bless even more people than those who originally received it.  Enjoy!  --Michelle

        I can still remember as a kid, watching that TV show Married With Children, with the infamous family the 'Bundys'. The dysfunctional family with two middle-aged parents raising two very vibrant and vocal teenagers- one being a ditzy blond daughter named Kelly and a somewhat educated yet narrow minded son named Bud, caught the attention of my naive little brain. Week in and week out I would tune in to see what the Bundy household was up to. Somehow they seemed to pull off a moral-of-the-story type episode that kept me drawn in to their fantasyland family. But real-life married with children is far from chasing down unwanted boyfriends with a shot gun or even helping old ladies fit in to shoes that are half their size. And marriage is more than sitting on a comfy couch with your beautiful wife and spouting out rehearsed lines from a script. Married with children is WORK! And LOTS of it. Being a young married mother of two takes more energy than being an actress/actor with a full-time job! My role never gets a day off or even a season to recoup. And if your spouse has a full-time job, then you know what it feels like to work overtime when 10 hours has rolled around and you're still solo with the kids. Believe me, I think that children are the best gift from God that there is, but I need not forget that the idea of family first began with my spouse. That was where family began- with I do. My husband should get just as much of my attention as I give my two precious children. As much as I love them and want them around me, I still need to make time for the man of the house and the one who made the idea of having children a reality. Ladies, it may get lonely if you're a stay-at-home Mommy and Daddy is at work 8+ hours a day or even on the road. Yes, you may even feel disconnected from your Man because your children take more of your time and attention than he does. And guys, you may feel like you're just one person and having the financial burden of taking care of your wife & children. You may feel like there is no time for you to unwind from your busy day at the office. But remember- you are a team - husband & wife. You got one another's back and you have one mission in mind, to create a happy & healthy home and family. So, take a deep breath, cause you need one, take some time for yourself, cause you deserve it, but most importantly, take yourselves out on a date as often as you can,cause you depend on it! Take time to celebrate YOU as a couple - married with children!

Be Blessed~


  1. Thanks for sharing this post - I definitely know what that 10 hour alone with the kids day!! I feel so blessed when my mom babysits so we can have some couple time!

  2. Hi Heather! I'm so glad you get the chance to get out with your husband when your mom watches the kids! Dates are so important!

    One thing I also found that blesses our family is that from time to time is take myself out for two or three hours.

    While we now have a teenager, so babysitting isn't the challenge it once was for us, I still love that a few hours on my own can give me a second wind for re-energizing myself, parenting, and marriage.

    Thanks for commenting!