Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Laugh Together!

Do you ever wish you and your spouse were closer? What about you and your children? Sometimes, life gets so hectic with jobs, responsibilities, and stress that we forget to make and take the time to enjoy time together.

When is the last time you called your child up on your lap to read him a story? What about the last time you took in a baseball game with your spouse, or went bowling with your wife? There are so many wonderful and inexpensive ways to "touch-base" each day and each week with each other!

Take time to enjoy sharing life together! Even a ten minute game of Yahtzee can build intimacy, or watching old cartoon episodes together can make you share in laughter and connection.

What do you think is enjoyable? What does your spouse think is fun? What do your children beg you to do with them?

Some ideas:
  • Take a walk and hunt for animal tracks, pinecones, various leaf varieties, or flower types.
  • Go to a candy store and stock up on your favorites from childhood together.
  • Make homemade goop or play-doh and form it into letters to spell out something sweet or silly.
  • Get a book of silly jokes from the library and read them to each other.
  • Make "bucket lists" and share your thoughts with each other on the items you each want to do before you die.
  • Splurge on ice-cream with various sundae toppings, and have a "make-your-own sundae" time before popping in a Netflix movie you've all been wanting to see.

The possibilities are practically endless, but your joy and intimacy will continue to grow!

Have fun!


  1. We take Sabbaths specifically to spend time with our kids and our spouse. It's been a full family day: Breakfast together, Church, Lunch Together, Hide & Seek, Paper airplanes, now we're watching Veggie Tales, I'm reading marriage blogs and my little one is sleeping on my chest as I type this while my wife takes a much deserved nap upstairs alone. Next will be supper and then story time before bed. It takes some work with 4 kids, but it can, and should, be done.

  2. Sounds great! Thanks so much for commenting.