Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Marriage Saver

As Christian marriage coaches, it should be no surprise that Tim and I are believers in the one and only true answer to marriage problems...the Lord (and all of life's other problems, too :-)! Yet, what might that look like in everyday life? Well, there was an amazing statistic presented at our church this weekend. It was one that we had never heard before, and we have heard many. We've heard it stated that 50% of all marriages are estimated to fail in the general population and that 35% of Christian marriages are estimated to fail. However, the one from this weekend was encouraging....for couples who pray together? The odds go from 1 out of 3 marriages failing to 1 out of 1500 (or a number around there, I don't EXACTLY remember, lol). However, the point of the statistic is powerful marriage saving knowledge! If you don't already, please consider praying for your spouse daily. If you each do that already, consider praying together regularly. Prayer, a practical, everyday marriage saver...communication with the ultimate Marriage Saver. What have you got to lose?

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