Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Passing the Blame

One questions we can ask ourselves is, "How often do we really stop to think about how our actions are affecting others?" However, perhaps an even more insightful question might be, "How often do we listen to what others say about how they feel we are treating them?" In other words, do we really listen and give our loved ones our attention and their words our consideration so that we might be able to implement change, should it be warranted, within ourselves? Or, are we more likely to blame loved ones as being too sensitive, just not understanding where we're coming from, or causing issues themselves? Before we pass the blame to others, it might be beneficial to each of us to look at our own behaviors and to consider if what we are hearing from our spouses, children, or others we care about might be something helpful rather than merely a criticism or a judgement. Change begins with each of us. Be the change you wish to see. Blessings, Michelle

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